Thread Lift

Thread lift, also called PDO lift or known as the "One Hour Face Lift", is a non-surgical procedure offered as an alternative to a neck or face lift. Threads for the procedure are made from biodegradable material called polydioxanone. Upon injection with an ultra thin long needle into the subcutaneous, thread lifts counteract sagging of the facial tissue and show immediate results. After 180 to 240 days, the threads are reabsorbed, but the effect can last up to two years. The procedure is not painful but topical or local anaesthetic is available. The procedure is not advised for people with autoimmune diseases, severe somatic diseases, blood diseases, collagenosis, or ischemic heart disease. Discomfort may come about but it is temporary. Click the following links to compare V-Lift Thread Lifts with PDO Thread Lifts.

Reduced by Sam Goldfield