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Usually I don’t do reviews, however, I feel the need to do my duty as a woman and customer. I have had several surgical procedures from different doctors, some didn’t turn out so well and I had to be cut open and procedure fixed, meanwhile I had to go about my life without a breast for six months. I have had fillers, Botox, etc. I’m just saying, I’ve been around, and met a good number of cosmetic surgeons. After my last surgery was botched, now when I spend my money I do a great deal of research and review-reading. Medical aesthetics will be the only place I go to from now on. Their prices are unbeatable which really is a plus considering you GET what you pay for. The first time I went there for Carboxy therapy appt with Zoia. She talked me out of that and gave me an IPL treatment. Since then I’ve had another and it will be some time before I see some results because what I need will take a series of appts, which is normal everywhere. I’ve also done Botox there. They are brutally honest which is what I want! I don’t want to be lied to or taken advantage of. I travel over an hour to get to their office and I assure you, if you’re like me and your cautious where your money goes you will be happy. A couple months ago I was the one reading reviews looking for good medical professionals I could trust and I’m happy I found them!


The most Important for me about my searching on face treatments is find a person who takes time to listen . My goals, my concern. Show knowledge and skills and explain all the steps and what can i expect from the treatment. Friday,I found Inna, a lovely person,very talent . I certainly will coming back. Thank you.


I absolutely trust Inna. She knows I am nervous about about any procedure. After listening to my concerns, she then shares her opinion as to what she thinks would be best. She will also say to think about the procedure she recommended and return at another time with my decision. Inna used Filler to regain a youthful appearance to my cheeks and filler for the nasal folds. Both lasted almost two years. She shared her thoughts about a few threads for my neck area which I am considering. I would say Inna's professional advice and skills has made 62 feel like "Pretty" can still be used to describe the age. She is amazing and appreciated by me.


Words could never describe how amazing Inna is... She's professional and dedicated to making you look and feel incredible.. Her work is unsurpassed.. She listens to your concerns with genuine care, And advices you the best way to get exactly what you want.. Furthermore she is the easiest person to making you feel comfortable about any issues you are experiencing. The place is immaculate and the prices are unbeatable.. If you're looking for quality results, that guaranteed, you could not be any happier with. THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME! Satisfaction is guaranteed


I absolutely LOVE the out come and results of my injection into my frown lines!!! Thank you.


I see all the woman's comments and I'd like to add one from a male. I've been going to Inna for many years, took a couple of years off recently and just had to come back. I went in recently for the infamous bags under the eyes, I spent about 15 minutes with her and what fantastic results, I was so pleased and looking to go back again, just have to save up some $$$ HA!!!!! With the shots to my forehead and under eyes, I''m so happy and feel great. Huge Thank You Inna!


Inya and Zoya always make me feel and look better (very natural looking) when I leave their office than when I walked in. They're very honest about expectations and advising you on which service/procedure is best. They make you feel comfortable and don't behave like pushy sales people who try to convince you to get more services. It's not about money with them; it's about creating/enhancing natural beauty. They use state of the art equipment and have experience with darker/ethnic skin :)) Make an appointment--you won't regret it!


I've been to Inna, I was very happy with her honesty! There are so many places that it's all about the money. I didn't find that to be the case at all with Inna,I went in for one service she recommended another I was thrilled with the results! Going back again, so happy I found her!!!!! Thanks Inna....


After being a customer for several months, I would greatly recommend this office for ANY beauty procedure, they can do it al! OKSANA is the best when it comes to body wrapping and acne skin care. I had trouble skin since I was a teenage and after 6 sessions with OKSANA, my skin looks the best it's been in 15 years! Body wrapping is a great way to tighten the skin before major even or a date. INNA is THE MAGICIAN, she does wonders with wrinkles and boost of self confidence of the spot! My next treatment is a laser hair removal, OKSANA is an expert and I feel very safe and beautiful in her hands!


After just 1 laser hair removal session with Zoya I can begin to results. Can't wait to be hair free!


I came in for xeomin with Inna and was so impressed with her honesty & experience and after some discussion I left with dysport. She even tweezed my eyebrows . Delightful experience and will be back in 5 months!


Inna is an artisan! The Michael Angelo of medical aesthetics. Love her!


I love Medical Aesthetics. Zoya is so knowledgable about all the latest most advanced procedures. She is passionate about her work and your results! A winning combination that is rare to find. I am blessed to have found her!


Inna has greatly improved my appearance and self confidence. Prior to seeing her a spoke frequently of the face lift I would one day need although I was hesitant to make the leap. With thanks to Inna she introduced me to an all natural way to avoid the facelift with dramatic results. She warned me of swelling and bruising and while everyone is different I had light swelling the first day and a very small bruise on my face. I returned to work the next day and no one noticed a thing. I have received so many compliments on my skin since seeing Inna. I value that she in an expert at what she does who strives to make you look natural and will not take on a procedure she does not believe is suited for you. I trust her with my face and love her to death I could not be more pleased and thankful for my results.


There is nothing Inna can not fix!


I've had stretch marks on my legs since I was a teenager. I tried Carboxytherapy and ... I began to see very good results after the third session. I sincerely wish more people knew this treatment existed.

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